Our Mission is to involve citizens into
conservation movement

How did the Nature Forever Society come into existence?

The Nature Forever Society has been working for the conservation of house sparrows and other common flora and fauna in urban habitats since 2005. The Nature Forever Society is a registered charitable trust founded by Mohammed Dilawar who is the Founder and the President of the Society.

The mission of the Nature Forever Society is to involve the citizens into the conservation movement of India especially in urban landscapes. To achieve this, the Nature Forever Society has been working by launching initiatives which are simple but, have far-reaching conservation value.

The Nature Forever Society was not formed for the sake of having just another conservation organisation but, more out of need as most of the conservation organisations have historically, overlooked conservation issues in regard to the common flora and fauna.

It was formed with a vision towards involving citizens from all walks of life, diverse backgrounds and different parts of the country and the world.

The nature Forever Society began its work in a small way, without any sustainable source of funding support but, with a belief and vision to save the common flora and fauna by involving the general citizenry.

For the Nature Forever Society to be successful in reducing the decline we have seen in the numbers of our common flora and fauna, we need to increase our source of funding. The more sources of funds and support we have for our initiatives, the more we will be able to do for the birds, wildlife and people.

Already, your help and support has helped us to fund numerous conservancy projects. Here are a few examples:

>> World Sparrow Day

>> Common Bird Monitoring of India

>> Rise for the sparrows

>> Second hand Binocular Scheme

>> The Nature Forever Society BiodiverCity Photo Contest

>> Help Birds in Summer Campaign