Bring Birds of Love to your special someone this Valentine’s Day

Not many know that the association of romantic love with Valentine’s Day was due to the idea of birds getting together for mating. Chaucer, in the Parlement of Foules (1382), wrote “For this was on St. Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate.”

It was this idea of Valentine’s Day when birds chose their mates is what led to the tradition of men and women in love sending cards and exchanging gifts on the same day.

With this in mind, Nature Forever Society is inviting romantics to invest in their very own love nest this Valentine’s Day. Instead of common chocolates and flowers that you gift every try something unique and special which carries long-term impact and becomes part of your special someone’s everyday routine.

A nest box will prove the perfect present for nature-loving partners across the county. Not only will a purchase show their partner how much they care, but it will also give a helping hand to Sparrows and other birds, symbolic to love. When he/she wakes up every day to the sweet chirp of Sparrows, the mystic Myna and beautiful sight of Parakeets, it would be a sweet reminder of you.

Just like us, the birds also look for a suitable place to cosy up before raising a family. Adopting nest boxes and bird feeders is a perfect present to show a loved one how much you care about them as well as our sparrows and other birds. The bird nests and feeders help to increase the number of potential nesting and feeding sites and improve the chances of birds breeding successfully.

Starting from just INR 95 you receive a beautiful bird feeder and INR 315 onwards nest boxes for a range of birds along with a gift card with your personalised message to give to their loved ones will be delivered along with it.

Adopters can choose from a range of nest boxes to support the bird their loved ones love the most. The nest boxes come in a range of sizes and with different holes to appeal to a variety of bird species.

Adopting a nest box and bird feeder would be a crucial fundraiser to ensure that NFS can continue to work for protecting sparrow and bird habitats across India.

Anyone wishing to adopt the nest boxes can do so via Nature Forever Society’s website at or give us a call on 09890087988