How are we funded?

Nature Forever Society does not have support or long-term funding from any organisation or agency. It depends entirely on the support of the Nature Forever Society Sparrow Supporters who adopt nest boxes and bird feeders from Nature Forever Society's 'Adopt nest boxes and bird feeder Scheme'. The profit from this goes back to the conservation initiatives by Nature Forever Society in India and across the world. This also gives us the freedom to work on issues which have a functional conservation value and we do not have to depend upon the mission, mandate or fancies of funding agencies.

The 'Adopt nest boxes and bird feeder Scheme' has a primary goal of creating habitats for birds and wildlife which are rapidly dwindling and get the citizens' involvement in the cause of conservation by habitat creation in human and natural habitats.

For Nature Forever Society to be successful in reducing the decline we have seen in the numbers of our common flora and fauna, we need to increase our source of funding. The more sources of funds and support we have for our initiatives, the more we will be able to do for the birds, wildlife and people.

Conservation Partners
Apart from this, Nature Forever Society gets support for some of its conservation initiatives from organizations and Nature Forever Society Sparrow supporters.

Already, your help and support has helped us to fund numerous conservancy projects. Here are a few examples:

  • World Sparrow Day
  • Rise for the Sparrows
  • Second-hand Binocular Scheme
  • Help Birds in Summer Campaign
  • Native Plant Research and Conservation Center