About Miyawaki Methode

Miyawaki method propounded by Dr Akira Miyawaki a Japanese botanist and plant ecologist specialized in natural forests.

Miyawaki method is based on Potential Natural Vegetation (a vegetation that exists at a given location without human interference).

This method involves planting trees in very close distance of three to four plants per square meter.

This method is considered one the most effective tree planting method for creating quick dense forest covers where these plantations grow from 10 times faster and 30 times denser than conventional tree plantations.

Within two to three years of growth Miyawaki forests become self-sustaining.

This method does not involve any use of chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.

The dense Miyawaki forests improve air quality, decrease noise level, regulate temperature, and attract local birds and insects as a food resource and living habitat.

Miyawaki forests are important in natural vegetation restoration of a degraded land.