We conduct research on the problems facing common birds and their environment. NFS encourages urban planners to take into consideration the impact of developmental activities on the environment and wildlife. The work focuses on protecting, restoring and managing the habitat of common birds.

  • We champion the cause of House Sparrow conservation in India and across the world
  • We celebrate our 10,000-year old relationship with Sparrows by celebrating World Sparrow Day
  • We work actively across India at national, regional and local levels through the wide network of Nature Forever Society Sparrow Supporters. Our work enables citizens to carry out conservation at local level
  • We celebrate the conservation work undertaken by citizens in different parts of India
  • We work towards involving citizens, educational institutions, governments, small and large businesses to get into functional, conservation initiatives
  • We work towards initiating functional conservation initiatives to involve citizens
  • We create, protect and speak for habitats for birds and wildlife
  • We carry out research on the common birds of India and speak for the conservation issues related to them
  • We initiate functional conservation initiatives by involving citizens to create awareness and habitats for birds and wildlife
  • We undertake advocacy issues related to birds, wildlife and environment with policymakers